Terms & Conditions

1. Registation - upon using this site a simple registration with user name and password is required. A valid e-mail address is required. Also a valid postal address is required. During registration process you will receive a confirmation link in order to activate your account. Fake e-mail and postal address accounts will be subjects to suspension or deletion. You are obliged to keep your registration details secure and handle them in a secure way. After disclosing the details to third parties the site Theengineeringmarket is not responsible for any harm or damage.

2. You agree to use this site solely for the purpose of bidding for a project or posting a project for bidding. The bidding schema used in this site lowest bid auction. Each bid is unique, so you cannot bid for the same price as others.

3. The purpose of this site is to provide connection between engineering services - the bidders and the project owners - usually budget owners. The bidding starts with the highest price for the project (project budget) and continues with offers from bidders - engineering services for the actual project. The auction can be closed at any time during the specified time frame in the project setup.  Auction winner - lowest bidder - project solver will receive contact details of the project owner and the project owner will receive contact details of the project solver.

 4. After exchanging contact details of the project owner and project solver the project solving process depends fully on the two counterparts - project solver and project owner.

5. Please check whether any export restrictions may apply to your project/project solution. If yes, then you are obliged to obtain a license from respective authorities.

 6. Please check whether your project/project solution is not infringing any patent or any license registered at the respective country's patent office.

7. Also please refer to respective Trademarks and Trademarks owners.

8. To the project solutions applies the copyright and the terms and conditions agrees between project owner and project solver. This has to be a separate contract between the two parties. The site theengineeringmarket is not involved in this process, nor have any influence on both parties.

 9. Comments and discussions are allowed to a particular engineering subject. Comments and discussions that are not under any subject may be moderated.